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BV Strong Dinner

The Town

Buena Vista (pronounced Bew' na Vis' ta, and also referred to as BV) was settled peacefully in 1864. Unlike some of the surrounding wild and woolly mining towns, it has a history of peace-loving residents and a quiet atmosphere. It was recently declared the safest town in Colorado. The photo shown at the right was taken during BV's community potluck dinner. Fifteen hundred people participated in the dinner, which was held down the center of Main Street in downtown. This small mountain town enjoys a mild year-round climate, with winters ranging from highs in the 50s to lows in the teens, and summer temperatures ranging from the 80s to low 50s.

Buena Vista supports a variety of shopping establishments including antique stores, art galleries, retail stores offering wares from local artisans, locally owned restaurants, coffee roasteries, breweries, outdoor sporting goods and more. There are also festivals and a farmer's market in the summer.

For more detailed information regarding the town, visit any of the following websites: HISTORYVISITORS CENTER.

The Area

As part of the Arkansas River Valley, Buena Vista lies in the foothills of the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness Area. The Collegiate Peaks boast eight 14,000-foot mountains and several more over 13,000 feet.

During free time, clients can participate in many of Buena Vista's and Colorado's outdoor activities such as scenic drives, hiking, horseback riding, 4-wheeling, hot springs, rock hunting, fishing, hunting, backpacking, camping, as well as white water rafting in the summer and snow skiing, ice skating, sledding and snowmobiling in the winter. Or take a day's trip to Denver, Colorado Springs, Aspen, Breckenridge, or Vail—all within less than a 2.5-hour drive. For pictures of the surrounding area, CLICK HERE.

Jeep Buena Vista, CO
Fall Leaves


There are a number of travel options for your stay in Buena Vista. Enjoy beautiful scenic drives as you travel to and from local airports to your getaway accommodations in Buena Vista.

If you do not live in Colorado, we suggest you fly into Denver or Colorado Springs and then rent a car at the airport. It is a 2- to 3-hour drive to Buena Vista from either major airport. The rental car will also be valuable to you as you travel to and from your lodging place and the Crossroads office, as well as enjoying area activities during your free time.

Other Transportation Options:
    • Bus: OUTRIDER/DENVER-BUENA VISTA-GUNNISON offers a daily bus from downtown Denver to Buena Vista.
    • Private Plane: Buena Vista's airport can accommodate the smaller jets if you have access to a private plane.
    • In the Buena Vista Area: You can arrange to pick up a rental car at the BV Airport by calling Hertz at 970-527-7177*. Arrangements can be made with the THE CHAFFEE SHUTTLE to transport you to and from Cross Roads's office or your place of lodging. Please note hours of operation for the shuttle end at 3:00 p.m.

    For more information about these options, talk to the office staff at Crossroads.

    *Crossroads is not affiliated with Hertz, the BV airport, Outrider Bus, or the The Chaffee Shuttle.

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